SomethingDark – Online Magazine Shines Light on Cultural Crisis

By on November 14, 2011

SomethingDark (SDk) free counter culture web magazine has released issue 2, marking our descent into economic and cultural darkness.



The new issue presents original fiction from one of America’s most consistent and prolific writers of literary erotica, Marilyn Jaye Lewis. There’s sublime, opulent, transgressive and thought-provoking photography and art, including a feature on Alan Daniels, who created the artwork for the iconic film Blade Runner.

SomethingDark’s range of analytical and critical writing challenges conventional interpretations of the cultural, economic and political norms that rule and ruin our individual lives and our societies. Two feature articles work together to scrutinise not only the civilisation-degrading tabloid culture that blights the contemporary media landscape, but also the more extensive and insidious “tabloid ecosystem”.

Critical articles analyse (and attack) the financial system and the entire framework of neoclassical economic theory that provides cover for the ongoing fraud plundering our economies and corrupting our political systems.

SomethingDark is technologically innovative. Most news, magazine and journal-style websites depart from their printed counterparts in format, look and feel, because they were developed with conventional website design in mind. SDk has been developed with the format, look and feel of a print magazine. Yet, being fully html coded, it also offers the full dynamism of the internet – especially in a complex system of internal linking that flash sites cannot deliver.

So, if you are attracted by the Sirens of previously unimagined places, if you’re inclined towards the baroque recesses of the mind, a labyrinthine expanse that demands respect, then you’re in the right place.

The new issue 2 of SomethingDark includes…

Photography: Jenny Boot (Netherlands)
Non-fiction: “The tabloid ecosystem and crimes against society” by Daryl Champion
Critique: “Celebrity, spectacle, and cultural crisis” by Eugène Satyrisci
Art: Alan Daniels (United States)
Fashion history: “The corset and controversy” by Daryl Champion
Literature: “To my beloved I am a stranger” by Marilyn Jaye Lewis (United States)
InReview: Inside Job, Charles Ferguson
Comic art: Geof Banyard (England) & Alex Ronald (Scotland)
Additional photography: Viona Ielegems (Belgium), Chris Cook & Housk Randall (England)

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