SLYX Fashions – Washington DC

By on August 29, 2013

Being the capital of the USA and a major centre of world power, Washington DC has many intrigues. One of which is the diverse kink and fetish community that coexists behind the facades of bureaucracy, politics and protocol. There are the costumes for the normal business and professional workday, and then there are the fashionable fun clothes for when the workday ends. SLYX Fashions has been creating custom latex clothing, fashionable designs, and vacuum deflatables for clients in the Washington DC/Baltimore region for over 15 years.

SLYX Fashions was started by Michael G (aka SLYX) in 1996 during the beginnings of a U Street club called The Cage. By 1999 The Cage had become club BOUND, SLYX Fashions had launched its first web site, and quietly grew to become a discreet boutique manufacturer within the Washington/Baltimore scene.

Occasionally, word gets leaked out and SLYX items have appeared at worldwide fetish events, the likes of the Skin Two Rubber Ball, Montreal Fetish Weekend and Fetish Factory. SLYX deflatables have traveled as far as Hong Kong and South Africa. Season 4 of Showtime’s Gigolos, a popular US TV show, features a SLYX Fashions vacuum cube in use during a client call.

Owning a well made latex garment is an investment in one’s own personal pleasure. The best designs come from client desires. SLYX makes their dreams real.

Photography Gallery Credits:

001-Laura Dark
002-Larry Bradby
003-Ka Xiong
004-Ka Xiong
005-Pat McMahon
006-Pat McMahon
007-Phillip Wong
008-Phillip Wong
009-Patrick Putziger
010-The Crucible
011-Patrick Putziger
012-Patrick Putziger
013-Scott Church
014-SideShow Bob
015-Larry Bradby
016-Andrew Smrž
017-Andrew Smrž
018-Ken Tiscenko
019-David Grinam
020-Andrew Smrž

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