Skin Two Fetish Yearbook 2009

By on November 13, 2009

This is something entirely new in our 25 years of fetish publishing. The Skin Two Fetish Yearbook is a super quality ‘coffee table’ hardbound book, with even higher production values and more quality content than ever…

Skin Two fetish yearbookOf course, there’s a full roundup of international BDSM events from London, Paris, New York, Montreal, Berlin, San Francisco and, er, Huddersfield. There’s more substantial editorial content than before, including a 9-page feature on the relationship between the gay and hetero BDSM communities and an 8-page analysis of the seriously worrying rise in anti-BDSM censorship. There’s a 10-page illustrated feature by Michelle Olley on Lost Girls, the major erotic opus from comic book genius Alan Moore.

The new Skin Two Yearbook also includes the best in fetish photography, from Canada’s Will Santillo, London’s Mark Varley, Germany’s Silent-View and James Stiles from Los Angeles. We enter the strange world of the Japanese erotic imagination via three photo books. And, something very special for you – a 5,000-word, totally new fiction story by the world’s top BDSM author, Patrick Califia.

Skin Two Fetish Yearbook is beautifully presented, on higher quality paper, shrink-wrapped and even posted in strong new packs to keep in it good shape! It costs £25 plus shipping and it’s essential for the thinking perv with taste and style.

You can order now by going here – Skin Two Online Shop
or call +44 (0) 20 8487 9528

* If you have a subscription to Skin Two, there is no need to order the Skin Two Fetish Yearbook – you will automatically receive your copy!


Here’s more news about our future plans…

* Now that we’ve published the Skin Two Yearbook, does this mean that you won’t get something special from Skin Two for your bookshelf for another year? No, as you have probably guessed, it doesn’t. We are already planning our next top quality hardcover edition in the same new format. It’s our own showcase of the very best in fetish photography. It’s in preparation now – watch this space.
* You’ll notice that there are far fewer ads in the yearbook than in our old magazine issues. That enables us to include more content, which we hope you will enjoy. But you can still browse ads from fetish suppliers – they are moving online to the Skin Two Directory at This allows fetish businesses to reach more people, it’s much cheaper and easier for them, they can update their ads any time and you can browse them free of charge.

* What about topical news? Our old magazine format was never ideal for breaking news – the web is much better suited to this. You have been using much more for the past few years and that has taken over as the natural home for time-sensitive news, with our printed editions providing something special for your coffee table.


Enjoy this preview of the Skin Two Fetish Yearbook 2009:

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January 3, 2010 @ 18:24

The model on the cover of the Skin Two Yearbook 2009 is called Domina M. There’s a great photo of her on page 47, too


July 6, 2009 @ 04:54

I’d like to know who is on the cover of the skin two fetish yearbook 2009?
Her boobs look awesome!

Juan Manuel Fernandez Silva

March 18, 2009 @ 17:36

Gracias por las muestras de sus interesantes fotos, en unas semanas me inscribire, por estos dias, es necesario para mi esperar un poco. Gracias. Juan Manuel.

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