Skin Two Site Re-launch

By on September 30, 2013

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The lovely people at Skin Two have been working their Latex covered backsides off to bring you a new, improved, sexy, sassy, website with fresh designs and better functionality. Shopping for your kink, bondage, toys and other such wonders, just got fetishier. That’s a real word in our world. 

Blog Image 1 new site Our web developers, designers, marketers, and writers ate, slept, lived and breathed Skin Two for many days and many nights. We laughed and we cried, we suffered moments of dread and celebrated times of ecstasy. We applied our talents and reached new heights. We fought and then made-up, all to deliver, to you, a website so beautiful.

With new ranges and products, new categories, a new look, the newness is just overwhelming. Though the site may have a new face that’s so fresh and so clean, the products remain their naughty, dark, fetishy selves. And never before have they stood out on a page so wonderfully. The dark clothing and products illuminate the light backdrop like a black, latex, catsuit on snow.Blog Image screenshot two new site

Find places to wear your fetish-wear in our community section, read the news that gets you in the fetish mood. Browse hundreds of Latex, Leather and Lace inspired outfits, sex toys, bondage equipment and footwear. If it looks and sounds fetish, Skin Two is where you will find it. We know we love it, so how was it for you?


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