Skin Two Releases Made to Order Steam Punk Range!

By on October 4, 2013

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Skin Two have refreshed their brand to cater to shoppers and fetish fans, above and beyond the ordinary, with their new made-to-order Steam Punk range, that’s set to make waves in the world of fashion and fetish. With hand-made, bespoke creations to meet individual demands, customers at the Waterloo Store and online shoppers are afforded complete control of colour and style choices.

steam-punk-NEW2The made-to-order system means that no two outfits from the Steam Punk range will be the same, with customers able to match their preferred style, with their preferred colour, with the added choice of colour for any outfit trim. For anyone with a particular interest in one of a kind clothing, this system paves the way to delivering satisfaction.

Skin Two’s adaptation of Steam Punk fashion combines fetish and mainstream trends that customers from either community can appreciate. With a fetish spin on the British Victorian or America’s ‘wild west’ era, using Latex in a variety of colours from the typical darks to the more vibrant, in corset and pencil skirt styles, this version of Steam Punk will be a fresh and innovative take on mainstream fashion.

At the start of 2013, Steam Punk slowly began creeping into high street fashion. Corsets, Basques and pencil skirts in Gothic or Victorian styles and colours have been creeping on to railings since January. Popularity has since been rising and predictions for the trend suggest a surge in Steam Punk fashion sales over the next two years, with IBM (using their Social Sentiment Index to predict social trends) stating “the next two years will witness the shift from low production, high cost ‘craft’ manufacturing to mass production. Mainstream fashion labels, accessories and jewellery will all begin adopting a steam punk aesthetic.”Profile Pic Generic1

Featuring latex for Steam Punk fashion is a bold and unconventional choice that reflects the ideas of fetishism rightly. Where it remains a symbol of fetishism, the popularity of Latex clothing is on the rise thanks to red carpet celebrity endorsements and high street retailers now regularly stocking Latex outfits as an alternative. Skin Two’s adaptation of an emerging trend into the fetish and mainstream world is a promising indication of what the company is set to achieve in the near future, removing the taboo around fetish wear and lifestyle.


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