Skin Two DVD – Down in Price

By on February 12, 2007

Our first DVD, London Fetish Girls, has sold out of it’s first production run and we’ve ordered more copies from the factory.The good news is that this means we can now reduce the price from £30 to £24.99. (Overseas orders go down from £35 to £30)

London Fetish Girls is an hour and a half of stylish and erotic BDSM, starring the most famous fetish girls from the London scene, with guest star Emily Marilyn from Hollywood.

See Emily with Rita Rush in the medical room. Watch Strapon Jane dominate Saffy in a real underground dungeon deep below London’s West End. Join Lydia Morgan, Morrigan Hel, Valeria Dragova, Red, Jamie Brooks and Carla Hamilton, using suspension, strapon dildos, bondage, industrial strength vibrators and more – much more – in a loft apartment high above Docklands by night.

To see a free clip, to view a gallery of still photos and to buy a DVD, go here: