Simone de Beauvoir's bare bum

By on August 2, 2010

No one is more interested in important feminist and existentialist pioneer Simone de Beauvoir than I am – well, actually, most people know more about the respected writer and proto-polyamorist¬† Ms de Beauvoir than I do. (Incidentally, you’re a secular saint for putting up with that bellend Jean-Paul Sartre)

There’s a forthcoming movie about her relationship with Nelson Algren, who wrote The Man with the Golden Arm and his superb picture of her naked, from behind, in high heels has surfaced in Prospect magazine, (for worthy intellectuals, not really for degenerates like me but my subscription paid off in the end, in her end if you will, which is Skin Two worthy, an object of worship, and far too beautiful for a pretentious philosopher stinking of Gaulloise.

Needless to say they’ve hidden it on the website but check out this Samoan guy’s tats

And, as many people have said of me, Quel cul (what an arse…)

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