Silken Sleeves a film by Maria Beatty starring Midori

By on April 27, 2009

At first, you’re not sure if this is your thing, but you warm up to it just as the subject does to the harsh treatments performed on her; and just as Autumn eventually warms up to Summer in this erotic film over four seasons of Japanese bondage torture administered to the beautiful and timid Mayan.


This slow but climactic Maria Beatty short film is a sensuous tale of how a young girl becomes at the mercy of the talented bondage icon Midori in Autumn. She is bound and taken on a provocative but erotic journey through her senses, from candle wax to ice dildos to saran wrap, knife play and flogging. By the time Summer hits, she finds she’s had no choice but to give in to her desires after a year of pleasurable punishments and treatments.

Midori’s elegant rope creations never fail to impress. The effect of the white dripping candle wax on Mayan’s cling film-wrapped body perfectly emulated a wintry torture, as if she were left bound and hanging outdoors through harsh snows; not to mention the intruding ice dildo, which only added to that shivery fantasy. The use of different colours of wax to portray the seasons (red for spring and white for dripping frost in winter) showed a great eye for artistic detail. The exotic Japanese soundtrack by Nick Holmes synced perfectly with the delicate nature of Mayan, her eyes downcast, her body youthful, as well as with the intricate ties and knots that held her. You almost felt sorry for her… until you realised she was thoroughly enjoying it.


This is one for the bondage enthusiast who savours the little details in bondage torture experiences, and for those who regard this particular fetish as a captivating art form.

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Kara Martin

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