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By on August 1, 2011

What is sploshing? Sploshing is a “wet & messy” fetish that consists of getting messy with food such as pies, chocolate or anything you can eat. Or stuff like mud, paint, gold & silver body paint, etc. Also getting wet, like in a tub of water or a pool, wearing clothing like a t-shirt & shorts, or totally nude.

The Piemaster of says…

“We believe that sexy models are at their sexiest when they are at their messiest. SexyslapstickVideos started in 1999 and now we’re the leaders in erotic sploshing online. Most fetish websites show women in whips, chains, being tied up & have candle wax poured on them. We feature real videos of hot girls having fun getting plastered in whipped cream pies, chocolate and anything really messy.”

“By donating $5.00 to our “Pie A Model” drive, you’ll will get a 2-day members’ access to We also have our regular 14-day memberships @ $12.95.”


“We don’t believe that seeing a woman pied, get covered in chocolate, gunged or wet is degrading or sexist. Ladies, you can be at your sexiest at your messiest.”


Check out their video trailer at

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