Sex Astrology channelled from Marissa Moon

By on August 22, 2010

Aries  You sometimes expect prospective partners to be as fiery and headstrong as yourself. While you may feel comfortable with the big scary beasts, don’t ignore the shy sheep. They sometimes provide the best ramming.

Taurus A sweet sensualist ever you can sometimes be sloppy. This month try not taking too much drink and/or empathy medication and sleeping with whoever smiles at you. Stay in control. Let sovereign reason reign. And you’ll also remember what happened the next day.

Gemini You should make an excellent switch but even if you feel confident in only one role (sub or dom, instigator or reactor) try the other anyway. If this is too frightening sexually try it in your everyday life. Just for once do the opposite. See how the dice roll. You’re dual-face Gemini. You can handle it.

Cancer An old friend may turn out to be a hot sexual prospect, if you are both
prepared to throw caution to the winds  This needn’t be rom-com candy floss. Fuck buddies work in the gay world, why not in the straight world? And crabs might fly? Try it!

Leos Some say there is no heaven or hell awaiting us, only what we can create while alive. Even down here you can’t have heaven without the fires of hell so confront your dark desires. Step beyond heaven to the bright flames of your darkest desire.  Some horny devil will thank you.

Virgo Geminis are your ideal partner. Which may be a useful conversational ice breaker. Should there be no Geminis close at hand you could also try proving that incompatible signs can also rub along. Given patience, ingenuity, and enough lube, anything is possible this month.

Libra Even-handed Librans can always see both sides of a question. But have you tried holding a vibrator against the clitoris while in the missionary position? This is the sort of multi-tasking even men can enjoy.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius the archer might be expected to like needle play but who wants to be associated with a deviancy called ‘piquerism’? Use your nails if you want to impart a sensual prickle. Scratch and soothe, scratch and soothe. You’ll hear them sigh.

Capricorns   You spend years hunting your prey, desperate to find the one. Having found them, you keep looking. Is this wise? You may have a long time to regret letting your horny goat overpower your need for companionship. Compliments and soft seduction will reanimate your partner. That or a taste of the crop.

Aquarian Uranus your ruler can make you unpredictable. You’re intense and changeable so you will never be happy with someone dull but reliable. A walk on the wild side can be frightening but it’s where you need to be. If there’s a choice between two people coming up choose the crazier one…

Pisces No one can adequately define love, we just know we need it. However,
dreamy Neptune-led Pisceans are often drowning in their own romanticism. This month, be practical, get tough and see what the tide lands on your shore. High heels and fishnets will land most male prey.

Oooh it’s LOVELY when Marissa drops by, featherdusting the cobwebs of my brain, vacuuming up all the crusted crystals that accumulate up there and giving me some wise women’s wisdom. More next month…

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