Secret World inside a Black Leather Box – on Tour with Fecund Theatre

By on March 21, 2007

Mark Bennett photographerGeometric Primitive, a 3D slide sculptural exhibition from Brighton photographer, Mark Bennett, is touring the UK alongside Fecund’s renowned play, Special, throughout March, ending with a week at the Hackney Empire, London, from April 2nd to 7th.

Mark has created a unique sculpture and stereo slide viewing system – an object of interest in its own right and a potentially menacing device that invites people who dare to come closer and investigate…

Comprising a basic black tripod and leather box with eight in built stereo slides facing inwards, Geometric Primitive exhibits ‘guerrilla portraits’ shot by Mark at Torture Garden. The display on the device comprises two sets of eight stereo slides. The first set is viewable before the play and the second afterwards.

Mark Bennett says: “Stereoscopic photography dates back over a hundred years and works by having two lenses take a photo on film at the same time at approximately eyeball distance apart. The prints or slides can then be seen with stereo card viewers or slide viewers. Most people are familiar with Viewmasters reels, and the slides used in Geometric Primitive are exactly the same in concept but approximately six times the resolution for considerably better detail.”

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Fecund Theatre are producing Special, a contemporary love story with a real edge. It is an exciting and intelligent production exploring male and female passion and sexuality. It charts the journey of a couple who discover a sense of contentment through intense sexual experiences.

A journey of the mind as much as the body. A spectacular and sincere celebration of masculinity and femininity. Man as warrior, Woman as goddess. Special is a challenging and provocative exploration of inner needs, human nature and the discovery of profound peace through pain and orgasm.

For those who experience Special, there is no going back!

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Mark Bennet