SECRET Fetish Party in Milan, Italy 12th June

By on May 15, 2009

secret-fetish-party-flyerWhat’s happening in Italy, the fashion epicenter of the world? No matter what the fashion magazines say, the Italian fetish scene seems way smaller than in the rest of Europe, and the subject almost taboo.

Ask any native and they’ll tell you that it’s the Vatican’s fault, with its widespread influence in every facet of the country’s public life. The presence of the catholic church is felt everywhere, even where it is not openly evident: in politics, business, media… And of course they don’t approve of kinky sex too much.

Local pervs aren’t very encouraged to voice their interests, and the low quality of the online communities don’t help either: ignorance and confusion still reign supreme when it comes to alternative sexualities.

Yet there is a small group of individuals – mostly in Milano and Rome – who keep fighting for giving Italian kinksters what they crave. In the case of fetish, that translates in particular to an event called SECRET Fetish Party, held irregularly in Milano since 2007.

It’s a somewhat cozy affair, averaging 300 guests coming from all over the country and abroad. Checking its website,, you’ll find all the usual ingredients: a changing room, DJs and a dancefloor, performances, dungeon and chillout areas, a photo area manned by the leading Italian fetish photographers.

There are some peculiarities, though. Italy being Italy, they have fetish art exhibitions, and the average guest takes their look very seriously. You won’t find much basic clubbing gear, but custom dresses and corsets are everywhere. Fashionable creativity abounds, and you can imagine how outrageous footwear is, considering the sexy heels people wear for everyday use in Milano.

The next SECRET Fetish Party is on June 12nd, and it will host the Great Look Award, selecting the best outfitted guests. The prizes will be – of course… – fetish artworks from a local maestro.

Among the other features, a special room will be used by television crews for interviews and other features, including a casting call for the Sky hit show Ai Tuoi Piedi, dedicated to foot fetishism.

The large, industrial-like club, will be furnished by Liberator, the American-based firm specialising in erotic furniture – while another area will be contain custom steel dungeon gear.

If you are attending the party, a special section of the website caters for all the needs of foreign guests listing nearby hotels (they have reduced prices for SECRET Fetish Party people) and anything you may need, including a shopping guide, restaurant listings and more.

Go to the Guests area of the website and register by following their instructiona. That will allow you to be listed online and be contacted by other partygoers – not to mention you’ll get reserved tickets (but only until midnight) and a gift at the door.

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