Rubber Rendezvous – London's meeting place for rubberists and the rubber-curious

By on June 16, 2010

We’ve all fantasized about it haven’t we? ‘What!’ I hear you cry behind a muffled gag, ‘The same fantasy? Impossible!’

Well I’m messing with you a bit here because what I believe we all fantasize about is the perfect fetish event. You know the one: the music is eclectic, quiet in one room, loud in another, but never overbearing. A night where the drunk, desperate or ignorant never stray across your play space, where there are warm, roomy changing facilities, no queues for the coats or toilets and alcohol prices don’t send the stock markets crashing.


But perhaps there is more to the above introduction than the styling of Alan Partridge. Perhaps the perfect fetish night is about purely what you’re into, and everyone happily shares your ‘hobby’ without distraction?

Again impossible? Well I went to a night that aspires to focus on one aspect, rubber and latex, and that has to be exciting for us fans of the shiny stuff.

Called Rubber Rendezvous the organizers have put together a mix of munch and fetish night for ‘Rubberists and Latex Lovers’, a place where everyone can dress up. They aim for it be relaxed and friendly, where fetish enthusiasts can swap notes, styles and maybe numbers and have access to bring and buy tables selling specialized BDSM accoutrements.

P5071349-510w-webThe night is in its infancy and so when I went there weren’t that many in attendance, roughly thirty. But I had chosen to attend during the weekend of the German Fetish Ball – so it wasn’t a fair contest. And this was obviously an event thankfully not designed for tourists, even though it was free. One plucky internet chancer hoping to get his jollies off was politely ignored and swiftly ejected. Frankly he seemed more dressed for success at KFC.

As the night progressed more rubber was hauled out of overnight bags. Soon there was a contingent of hooded and gas-masked revelers. It was worth the journey just to be part of the fetishistic interactions based on the simple joy of having the space to ‘freak’ out. Soon the venues own vacuum beds were assembled and a number of vac bed virgins enjoyed their first experiences under the attentive care and tutelage of host domme ‘Missy’.

Rubber Rendezvous is bi-monthly and held at The Studio, home of the West London Munch and the award-winning Sweet Torments BDSM couples night, a cavernous space above The Magnat on Western Avenue, North London. The entrance is a black door at the far right of the front of the building. Although there’s no play – being a free event they are held legally responsible because, ironically, ‘anyone can come in’: anyone in rubber that is.

So this is an event for proper and polite (!) hardcore rubber-lovers and the great thing the hosts Missy and Mike are looking for ideas and suggestions about how to improve the night. So if you want the perfect fetish event here’s your chance.

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The next one is on Friday 2nd July. For more details call 07841 59 49 23 and try and and search for the profiles: Rubber_Rendezvous and Rubber Rendezvous respectively.

Review by Jackson Rocco
Photos by Jan Fetishclubpix



June 17, 2010 @ 17:52

I loved this. Great!

miss chaos

June 17, 2010 @ 00:06

this is just fab,


June 16, 2010 @ 21:24

Quite proud to have this on Skin Two! Thank you to both Jackson R and Jan FCPix


June 16, 2010 @ 20:47

Ooo…looks like fun!

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