Rubber Life – Guide to The World of Latex

By on May 9, 2011

Rubber Life is the “ultimate beginners guide to the fascinating world of latex” It’s a well designed e-book by 3xL, a male latex fetishist and the creator of a respected rubberists’ website.

The foreword is written by the columnist and blogger Violet Blue. According to her website, she is “regarded as the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology, a sex-positive pundit in mainstream media”. Violet says “if you don’t know where to start, or even how you got here, Rubber Life takes you by the hand. If you’re a seasoned rubber lover, this book is a delightful and required accessory to your cabinet, and peppered with gems of information you’ll be glad you read – and is filled with more inspiration than thought possible”

Rubber Life was written as an introduction to latex. It can be used as a comprehensive reference guide for experienced latex fetishists. Or as an introduction for somebody who doesn’t know anything about latex fetishism. The book was written using 3xL’s own experiences rather than from an outsider’s point of you, which is useful ,as you know other people have the same thoughts or concerns as yours.

The reason 3xL decided to write this book was because during his ‘coming out process’ as a latex fetishist, he looked all over for a guide on “how a person can come to terms with a fetish for latex, how to come out to a partner and how to get out and meet people from the fetish community” but when he couldn’t find such a thing, he decided to write this, which contains all the information that he wished he had available when he was about to come out.

The first chapter discusses where the origins or your fetish may be from and what might appeal to you about latex. The second chapter gives a very detailed explanation on how latex clothing is made, ideas on how to start your latex wardrobe and how to take measurements to get a perfect fitting latex garment.

This leads onto how to care for your latex clothing; preparing yourself (like shaving tips), polishing and cleaning the items. The following section gives advice on how to tell others and your partner about your fetish. Chapter five ‘Community’ is one that I think would be very helpful to anyone who is just starting out their lives in the fetish world as it tells you how you can start meeting people who may have similar interests and how to stay safe when meeting people for the first time. The ‘Finding a Latex Partner’ chapter gives a list of good online communities to start looking for finding a partner and some helpful ideas on how to create your profile. The book finishes with a great list of links to different areas you may be interested in, from news to forums to events and so on.

I found this fascinating e-book very easy to read with some great photos. It costs 34.95 Euro but there’s a promotion now and you can get it for 29.95, so buy now!

For 55.95 Euro (current promo 44.95) you can get the ebook together with an audio book version, lasting 1 hour 46 minutes – ideal for travelling.

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by Roxanne Dorrington

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