RUBBER DOLL :: A book of art by Trevor Brown

By on April 18, 2009

This collection of paintings might suit you if you were into two things: rubber and dolls. So, already we know the title is spot on. Trevor Brown is a world reknowned English artist living in Japan, specialising in eerie child-like illustrations in macabre settings, which, essentially, is what this book is about. The main focus, as the title suggests, seems to be based on all manner of rubber gear and garb, with small doses of medical fetishism and Bondage. Think Harajuku Girls dipped in a slick film of gloomy perversion.

001-rdcoverMaybe you’ve stumbled across his website Baby Art, which houses a wealth of his own pieces, as well as others from similar artists. Or maybe you listened to Crystal Castles and loved their staple Madonna with a black-eye print (a piece of Trevor’s from his 1999 collection A Temple of Blasphemy), illegally emblazoned across all their merchandise (the matter was later amicably settled). But I think when it comes to people mooching off of your creative talent, that’s when you know you’ve made it in the artistic world.

Flip through for black rubber duckies, bunny-suited young girls, toys and dark child play, and of course, sleek costumes. My favourite in the Rubber Doll collection would have to be the cute Asian girl in stilettos and a skin-tight monkey suit, being threatened by an unsheathed banana. Kara Martin

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