Revision, DVD from Strictly Miss Brown

By on March 15, 2011

We open on two intelligent blonde beauties. In bed. Woof. Sorry, we start with a pair of pulchritudinous beauties, both blonde. They giggle. They chat. They undress. Are you listening Mike Leigh? You bearded bore? This is how to start a film. Let’s have something a bit more life affirming, eh? Ahem…

Erik Satie. Dark classical chill from the inventor of ambient. A suitably classy choice to accompany another divine discipline DVD. Amelia (Amelia Jane Rutherford), is a delight, very squirmy in her final caning and most charming waking up with Lava, (Inga Valkyrie), a Swedish Goddess. “These make my bottom so big! I hate it!” opines Amelia, stepping into some white panties, nothing at all like Bridget Jones passion killers. Inga disagrees. So do we. As the morning ritual unfolds, we may meditate on thongs versus knickers or watch the girls bending and stretching as they dress in their adult school girl uniforms.

Miss Jayney (Charlie Sinclair), is the tall, dark housekeeper. Miss Brown is in a Leopard Skin print blouse, her formidable embonpoint tamed by a black bra.

For new readers, the women are beautiful and styled to the max, cute little touches like coloured hair ribbons, fine lingerie, all present and correct, standard issue for a Princesse Media production.

“She’s extra mean at her house. She can be because there’s no teachers watching.”

Supervised revision. On a Saturday. Ooo-er. The beautiful minxes are right to be afraid.

Excellent mobile camera work throughout. Acting flawless so no ‘wish they hadn’t said or done that’ moments so familiar from lesser productions. It doesn’t take long for Miss Brown to find fault with the girls and we are soon where we need to be, staring at flawless bare bottoms and clefts, watching as the Mistress of Mean dishes out three long, slow corrections.

Twelve for the Housekeeper was the climax, although I’d had several by now, (“Oi! Ramsden! Too much Information!”) well, I did stretch out the viewing over several days. Missus Lovett and I had an assisted shag twice to the canings, a virtual fivesome, if you will. So, you don’t have to gulp it down in one, if I may say so, Like a fine brandy, one doesn’t neck the whole bottle in one go. Although, as the Housekeeper leaps up and grabs her withered cheeks with every stroke one might also say,”Cheers! Mine’s a double.” Her sincere, “please Miss Brown, no more!” ticks all the right boxes. Woo hoo. I should say so.

Any bad girl who may have, er, inadvertently transgressed, through youthful inexperience, should however report to Miss Brown, whose world renowned left hand could give her a jolly, good spanking, a taste of the tawse and twelve stingy cane strokes. In between each, we must hear the traditional count and “Thank you, Miss Brown.” Yes indeed, thank You! Miss Brown and everyone else involved in another peachy production. If you haven’t seen Revision, check it out at

by Mark Ramsden

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April 9, 2011 @ 19:15

Very hard!!!

Jason Dawes

April 5, 2011 @ 13:33

Another spankingly sparkling review Mark – Thank you!

This movie is more than just a riveting and exemplary CP film of a female disciplinarian. It is a dynamic demonstration of the natural talent with which Miss Brown is possessed.
She is not an actress, just a very rare breed of woman who naturally exudes control and discipline which she enforces with incomparable and unparalleled corporal punishment as and when required ….. apart from her cane stokes which are always parallel!
Yet as always, she remains in total control while meting out the well deserved and severe thrashings which really must be seen by all CP lovers.
She is also a very beautiful woman.

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