Rated X – Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival

By on December 15, 2008

rated x erotic film festival amsterdam

15/16/17/18 January 2008 / Kriterion / Amsterdam

Rated X – Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival, the first Dutch film festival entirely dedicated to alternative, artistic and radical erotica, returns to celebrate a positive appreciation of eroticism in all of its richness and diversity.

Established in 2007, Rated X presents four days and four nights of big-screen sexuality coming from a myriad of different angles and artistic perspectives. The festival includes a wide International spectrum of film, video, and new media, plus a series of panels and lectures where international guests are invited to discuss, confront and inspire.

In addition to the film and lecture thematic programs, Rated X highlights erotic art and photography with a series of exhibitions in different art galleries around the city.

A number of parties – from the intimate to the explosive – with performances, live acts, DJs & VJs make the festival complete and guarantee a four-day long full-immersion into alternative, creative and crossing-border erotica.

Mission Statement
Rated X wants to address and reflect the shifting, moving nature of the erotic in cinema, video and other media.
We want to suggest a rich and positive series of alternatives to easy assumptions about sexuality because the erotic always transgresses categories, places and times: there is no single privileged moment in history, single gender, single media, or single “pornography” but a wide variety of individual and collective attempts that try to define the complexity of sexuality while playing with it.

Rated X embraces all ambiguity in sexual representation, and welcomes a wide spectrum of genres: short and feature film, documentary, experimental, sexploitation, porn, sex education, animation, video-art and more. Our carefully selected program features an entertaining and challenging selection of works that show the depth and range of cinematic approaches to sexuality.

Rated X aims to bring across an engaging and positive message towards the issue of the representation of sexuality on film and/or by other artistic means and welcomes the establishment of an ongoing healthy discourse over this complex issue and other similarly oriented subjects.

Rated X Program 2009

The Rated X film program is composed of feature films, documentaries and shorts ranging from erotic documentaries and 70’s sexploitation classics to a selection of titles highlighting the most recent developments in the realm of alternative and experimental soft and hardcore erotica. The selected titles are presented within a number of thematic sections, with the aim of representing a wide overview of the different genres, perspectives and styles of the erotic cinema of yesterday and today.

Film program sections:
Maria Beatty retrospective
Sexploitation program
Erotic documentaries
Xperimental Erotica
Erotica Femme
Fetish Fantasies
Homemade Marvels

Several debates, curated and presented by Pinched, take place at Kriterion during the festival.
Rated X 2009 also features a celebrity “Female Directors” panel: This internationally renowned tableau of filmmakers band together to discuss the special challenges of addressing modern sexuality from a female viewpoint. Other topics that will be adressed: Sexual politics for dummies, Next Generation Sexuality & How to be a real man in porn.

The Rated X 2008 opening party takes place on Thursday at Kriterion, following the screening of the opening film. Two more parties, deeply different in style and content, take place on Friday and Saturday at different locations.

A series of art exhibitions presenting artworks from a selection of Dutch and international artists and videomakers will take place at Kriterion, Red Stamp Art Gallery and at other locations through town.

Roetersstraat 170
1018 Amsterdam
020 6231708

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