The Rackmasters Dungeon at the Rubber Ball

By on May 22, 2011

The dungeon at this year’s Skin Two Rubber Ball is in an atmospheric space deep in the lower deck of the boat. It’s a super place to play and it’s reached down the narrow stairs you’d except to find on a vintage yacht. That means the dungeon apparatus has to be dismantled and taken below decks…

The dungeon is suppled by The Rackmasters this year and it gives them a perfect way to demonstrate that their top quality dungeon gear can easily be dismantled for storage and re-assembled in less than 15 minutes. Even if you are luck probably want to store your kit our of sight of prying eyes when it’s not in use.

The Rackmasters dungeon furniture is designed especially with this in mind, and you might be surprised to see how sleazily such robust and nicely finished gear can break down for storage – yet look very much the part when in use.

So, before you lash out on dungeon furniture that will be a pain to store, come along and check out Rackmasters kit at the Ball and speak to their team. They have many more designs on their website and do custom designs and upholstery in vinyl, leather, animal print, etc.

You can phone 084 54 6371 80 to arrange your visit to The Rackmasters’ Peterborough workshop – or just come and try it our for yourself at Skin Two Rubber Ball on May 28th.

The Rackmasters’ website:

Skin Two Rubber Ball:

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