Prong Jewellery: The ultimate fetish accessory

By on September 13, 2010

Prong Jewellery are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website! Experience the Prong online shopping experience, offering the brand’s full range of fetish jewellery and alternative accessories.

Prong Jewellery designs include a stunning collection of posture collars, each one more beautiful than the last; gothic Lolita lace trims, buckles and padlocks, and full-on crystal bling – it will be difficult to choose but you’re sure to find one suited to your own unique style.

“Prong Jewellery really is the ultimate fetish accessory,” states Lady Sedusa, owner and head designer at Prong. “There is something that will go with all the great latex designer labels. House of Harlot and Libidex have used Prong in their photo shoots to show a complete look, and both stores stock a selection of our products too.”

Along with Prong Jewellery’s own products, it’s also the only place to shop for Scarlet Diva designs, as well as the brand new collection “Bettie London” designed by Lizzie McQuade.

“Prong teamed up with Marnie of Scarlet Diva some time ago – it’s a pleasure to offer our customers the very best in fetish jewellery, and Scarlet Diva is a prized addition to our store. Lizzie has created a fantastic range of hats and alice bands, a feminine, modern take on vintage pin-up style headwear, handmade in London. You may not have heard of her yet, but get ready – her styles are already being featured in Vogue magazine, and completely fit the Prong ideal.”

Sign up to be a Prong Member and get a permanent 5% off all styles on the website, as well a benefiting from sales and promotions throughout the year! Visit Prong Jewellery for the ultimate fetish accessory.

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