Preaching To The Perverted Out on DVD

By on February 12, 2007

What’s the big-screen major film production dealing with the BDSM/fetish world?

The one that manages to be true to the spirit of the scene, full of fun and deftly handle serious political issues, all at the same time?

Of course, it’s Preaching to the Perverted, directed by the award-winning Stuart Urban and starring Tom Bell, Guinevere Turner, Julie Graham, Georgina Hale, Ricky Tomlinson, Roger Lloyd Pack and Sue Johnston.

If you’ve seen “Preaching”, you’ll want the collectors’ edition DVD, featuring Pervert’s Progress, an extra 24-minute film of the making of the project. There’s also a comic strip, an exploding man and more – as well as the main feature! If you’ve never seen the film, get the DVD – you won’t regret it! Find it at the online fetish film store…

The Story
Young graduate Peter is despatched by moral crusader Henry Harding in Parliament to gather evidence for a private prosecution against the Fetish/SM lifestyle. Thrust into the sex-glamour-shock of London’s fetish clubs, Peter falls under the spell of Femme Domme Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner, Go Fish, American Psycho, The L Word). Her outrageous shows and extreme lifestyle threaten to send her straight to jail.

He wants to save her. She wants to pervert him. Who will win?

The world’s first feature films set in the fetish club scene released in 1997 to both controversy and acclaim…it was the last film in the 20th century to be banned in Ireland

Directed by two time British Academy Award winner Stuart Urban (Our friends in the North, Revelation), the film has been hailed as a ‘Rocky Horror for the chemical generation'(Melody Maker)

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