Preaching to the Perverted

By on June 1, 2009

Computer whiz and devoted Christian Peter Emery is hired by British Government minister Henry Harding to go undercover into the British BDSM scene and gather evidence worthy of shutting it down. Leather-clad and wearing dark sunglasses with a built-in camera, Peter (played by Christien Anholt) ventures into the unknown that is “The House of Thwax”, a club run by feisty Mistress Tanya Cheex (the luscious Guinevere Turner). What he sees certainly shocks, but is it worth prosecuting over?

The more Peter gets immersed in the scene and his research, the more he falls at the mercy of Tanya’s teetering stilettos. His infatuation threatens to get the better of him, and even threatens to put a jealous Eugenie (Tanya’s main servant) out of the picture. But Tanya only wants one thing, to convert him to perversion. Or so she thinks.

It isn’t only sexual stage theatrics and government deception, however. There is a hint of tragic insight into Tanya’s past and how she became the Domme she is today, as well as a bizarre and touching (but inevitable) love story between her and Peter.

This once controversial 1997 film is a very glamorous and comical portrayal of the Fetish scene, incorporating actual fetish performers like Torture Garden frequenters The Chaos Clowns and Lucifire the Angle Grinder. Not to mention every single piece of wardrobe is a lust-worthy creation. But the main attraction would have to be the lovely Miss Turner, a paragon of true dominant sex appeal, perfect for the role in every way.

Review by Kara Martin

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