Pierce Factor – Volume One

By on October 2, 2007

uncensored female body modificationThe “Girls Gone Wild” video series has made millions for its creator and, simultaneously, horrified many of the parents of said “wild girls”. But a new video venture called Pierce Factor (available exclusively through Amazon.com), hopes to take the “girls gone gonzo” theme to a new and decidedly kinkier arena – the piercing parlor.

The cover to the first entry in the Pierce Factor DVD series promises to “take you behind the curtain” of your local piercing shop, and it certainly delivers. Those with an aversion to needles, blood, or genitalia may want to keep their fingers on the fast forward button, as Pierce Factor shows it all – real and uncensored.

Pain freaks will enjoy seeing (and hearing) nearly an hour of real amateur girls white knuckle their way through pierced nipples, tongues and pussies,- along with a host of other poked and perforated body parts.

The thing that separates Pierce Factor from similar fare is the girls are not professional models or even paid participants. The girls of Pierce Fetish pierce their shit for the world to see… for free.

“You’d be surprised how many we had to turn away,” claims Pierce Factor producer and creator Bill Hunt. “Covering a piercing is more than just getting girls to whip ‘em out and move on to the next. There’s an emotional intensity with piercing, especially women and piercing, that we capture on camera. Once people saw what we were doing, the response as staggering. Everyone wanted to be on camera getting pierced.”

As amateurs, each girl has her own personality, and you can see each individual reaction as you watch, in graphic detail, every excruciating and blissful moment. The squirm factor is admittedly off the charts – but you can’t help but watch. It’s everything from strippers to schoolteachers, MILFs to mullet dykes, and some damn good looking women for small town fetish females. Kudos to the team over at Pierce Factor for finding so many real women to shuck their shirts and drop their panties and let us watch as they perforate their private parts.

The production quality of Pierce Factor is also a big plus. Edited in clip show fashion with wall-to-wall music, it’s nonstop gonzo piercing without any bullshit. As the Pierce Factor DVDs are coded as Region Zero, they will play in virtually every machine worldwide. To further insure their playability, Pierce Factor even replicated the DVDs from a glass master, rather than mass duplicate them like most conventional DVDs.

“Pierce Factor – Volume One” is now available and we’re told it’s the first in what will be a huge series of piercing DVDs that will cover both the US and Europe, as the Pierce Factor crew plans to head to Europe next year and produce several events in the hottest Euro fetish clubs.

If uncensored female body modification is your cup of tea, Pierce Factor is the booze you spike it with. Pierce Factor is available only on Amazon.com (US site) and sells for 19.95 USD. Overseas shipping is available. And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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