By on September 16, 2013


Happy to be able to report that there’s now a regular fetish event in Dublin, Ireland. It’s called Nimhneach and it takes place monthly in the centre of the city. Here’s some info from their Website …….

        “Nimhneach was set up by a group of Dublin kinksters. We had all travelled abroad for events but felt that Dublin was mature enough to support a local night. We wanted to have somewhere that likeminded folk could meet, look wonderful, and have fun. Nimhneach is held in central licenced venues so that it is easy to find. We have always had an open admission policy and advertised in a range of places so that kinksters can find us. We have steered away from membership and vouching as we felt that good kinsters might get excluded that way.”

      For more details, regular updates, and contact info, check out Nimhneach on the Skin Two event calendar.If you click on the event title at the top of their listing it will take you direct to their website. You can also click here ……. NIMHNEACH. Hoping to bring a review and pictures in the near future

ps …….. I may check with my father, who’s Dublin born, but for the moment I relied on google translate to tell me that Nimhneach means “hurts”

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