New Rubber Fashion Collection from Libidex

By on February 15, 2008

rubber nurse libidexThe new Libidex collection is one of the biggest additions Libidex have ever made to their already large range. Simon Rose and his design team have produced over 70 new creations, offering a really great choice of looks, from smart but cheeky uniforms to strict governess dresses and startling tops finished with lacework. Majoring in dresses, skirts and tops, this is quite a departure from Libidex’s stock-in-trade of catsuits, hoods and hosiery.

Another difference in the collection is the use of new colours from Radical Rubber latex. Simon clearly enjoys the deep-toned metallics, subtle electrics and sensuous translucents from the Radical Rubber range, and creates eye-catching effects using contrasting edging and lace.

latex uniformlibidex latex babe

Simon’s aim was to build on Libidex’s reputation for classic design with a kinky twist – the inspiration is to be found in very simple designs such as pencil skirts which are reinterpreted through the fetish looking glass. “I wanted to broaden the Libidex range and its appeal, so I’ve aimed to design something not only for the fetish aficionado, but for anyone who just wants their clothes to look – and feel – sexy.”

rubber sailor dressfetish rubber uniform

There’s something for everyone in the new collection: evening gowns rub shoulders with revealing long split skirts and some decidedly naughty keyhole-style tops. A favourite will surely be the stern Victorian Governess Dress, and the uniforms – everything from the air hostess Jet Set Dress to the slightly Teutonic Military Dress can’t fail to excite. These new outfits are certainly going to be the head-turners of 2008!

libidex rubber design london

rubber nurse libidex

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