New ebooks – The famous Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou

By on October 4, 2012

One of the world’s top BDSM authors is Laura  and we are proud to have her legendary Marketplace series of novels available as e-books, for instant download. Never mind fifty shades of nonsense – this is the real thing.

These books are available from KFS Media in epub format, or mobi, or PDF – or even as a zip file containing all three – to suit almost any iPad, laptop, smartphone, PC, tablet. etc.

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Book 1: The Marketplace

The Marketplace is Laura Antoniou’s modern classic of BDSM-themed fiction. In the first book of the series, follow the trials and tribulations of four aspiring slaves as they undergo training, hoping to be accepted into the secret underground society of masters and slaves known as the Marketplace.

Under the firm hand of Grendel, the sharp eye of Alexandra, and the painful leather strap in the hands of Chris, these men and women will find some of their hardest challenges come from within themselves. They embark on a sensual and erotic journey, and yet nothing is quite as they expect in their quest to serve.

Book 2: The Slave

Book two of the series is The Slave. Robin wants to be a slave in the underground world of the Marketplace. She falls under the tutelage of the infamous trainer Chris Parker and spends an intense few weeks with him. Little does she know that her adventures as a slave are just beginning, taking her from one coast to the other, into the whirlwind party world of a California gay couple and their house full of slave boys.

The ebook edition also contains an all-new, never before published story “That’s Harsh!” The story tells the tale of what happens when Robin’s masters decide to throw an all-male party. What will they do with their one female slave? Give her the weekend off? No chance!

Book 3: The Trainer

The third book in the series brings us into the house of Anderson, the Trainer of Trainers, where Chris Parker and a few clients are in residence. Michael LaGuardia loves being part of the Marketplace and loves the sex slaves he regularly trains. After a couple of years in California, though, Michael thinks he is ready for a step up, an apprenticeship with Anderson. He’s wrong.

Michael arrives at Anderson’s Brooklyn brownstone with a chip on his shoulder and promptly trips over his own, oversized ego. There are some very important lessons Michael needs to learn, about humility, respect, and even sex. Fortunately for him, he’s come to the one place where he’ll get those lessons beaten into him (metaphorically, of course).

Also includes the all-new bonus short story, “California Dreaming,” a flashback to the grand West Coast parties that Michael’s former mentor, Geoff Negel, used to throw.

Book 4: The Academy

The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace continues the brilliant saga of resolute slaves and exacting owners begun in previous volumes. A dynamic culture of honour and duty, embracing absolute servitude is the basis for the clandestine society known as The Marketplace. Sensuality, intelligence, and passion meld into exquisite eroticism and scenes of blazing sexuality.

In “The Academy” we follow Chris Parker and his trainee, Michael LaGuardia, to Japan, where a conclave of trainers is taking place. While the trainers swap cautionary tales and debate protocol, though, moves are being made that may change the Marketplace, and Chris’s place in it, forever.

This complete, full-length novel is a rich tapestry of sexuality and emotion, augmented by the inclusion of short stories by guest authors Karen Taylor, Cecilia Tan, Michael Hernandez, david stein, and Christian Muncy.

This ebook edition includes a brand new bonus story, “Inside Straight”

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October 6, 2012 @ 01:18

Love the series, love the author, this is definitely well worth the investment. And if you can get to an event where the author is teaching a class – do it! Some of the most insightful, wry, and enjoyable class experiences I’ve had at an event. ^_^

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