Never mind the Campaign for Real Ale, let’s have a Campaign for Thinner Slaves.

By on November 1, 2010

More quality Derek Bartle films from Dom Promotions. Each dvd I have seen so far contains Mistresses and Masters at the height of their powers, every one an in-demand professional. Looks aren’t everything in fetishism so it may be better to judge which dvd is best for you by the activities listed on the cover. Having said that, what a treat to see the gorgeous MIstress Beverley’s bare breasts and bottom in The Slave Destroyer, (nudity not generally a Domme specialty.) Watch her be pleasured with a giant vibrator and see her lovely face light up with genuine enjoyment.
Angel Bella, ‘this bitch has balls’, provides hot tranny hardcore. Incidentally, many of the titles will suit tranny admirers as they feature as both slaves and mistresses.
Pick of the crop, pun intended, is The Slave Chambers starring Mistress K. Her impish, pretty face and gorgeous body are as glamorous as any you’ll see in a centrefold or on a movie screen.  Her brunette partner Mistress Valeska is also a right little cracker.
They might both look angelic but the cover menu promises us domination, bondage,  spanking, nipple play, electrics, cbt and anal penetration and they certainly deliver. They’re  both inventively filthy as Mistresses and pretty good actresses when it comes to role play.
The Hide stars Mistress Elise and Mistress Kia, both beautiful and skilled with their strap-ons, get their slaves to fuck each other, sometimes known as ‘forced’ homosexuality these  slaves don’t seem to need much forcing. It might sound ridiculous to comment on the high sexual content of these dvds but a different part of the scene doesn’t allow this sort of penetration and intimacy – hardly surprising as such activity is illegal in clubs. There’s also another bunch of stuffed shirts who think that sub dom roleplay is an end in itself and not the foreplay to sexual activity. Well, there’s no prudery here. You’re never far from a shag in these dvds.
Watching these two women telling a tranny what a filthy slut and whore she is reminded me of Bobette and me getting whipped by numerous women telling us we were ‘sluts’ and ‘slags’. It still seems a little odd to me that Dommes want to call their slaves sluts and slags. Maybe I’ll live long enough to see a fetish film in which the bottom partner is not called a slut or a slag by the top. (Probably when we get peace in the Middle East.)
Somewhere in these dvds one of these a slave takes a very quick hundred strokes with a dragon cane. Ten times Ten. Olympic endurance yet I can’t remember him.  Mind you, as he clearly lost his gym membership card about three decades ago he only has himself to blame. Never mind the Campaign for Real Ale, let’s have a Campaign for Thinner Slaves. At least the Mistress was utterly gorgeous which is, of course, considerably more important.

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November 5, 2010 @ 11:03

I quite agree with the view of having more pint sized or thinner slaves- after all they ought to have the appearance of having beenliving on edge and fit for purpose. It would appear to be more in character, with a larger more dominant female.

There’s no question i would put myself forward for this, if anyone is for the taking. Just contact me.

Mark Ramsden

November 11, 2010 @ 11:41

Absolutely loving ‘fit for purpose’. Indeed.

Mr Bartle fairly obviously uses slaves in his productions but I suppose you have to know a Mistress first. Lean and hungry applicants are definitely preferable to the self-hating gym dodgers. Good luck.

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