Narcissus Rising

By on July 30, 2013

After achieving a first class degree in fine art, Steve Brooks joined a company specialising in the bespoke manufacture of prosthetic limbs. His work has taken him to New York, Boston, Toronto, New Brunswick, Oslo, Bergen, Paris and Saudi Arabia. Steve became an expert in the field of sculpted silicone – and that fine art background kept calling him…

The materials Steve uses have a flexibility which has really not been explored within the fetish environment. Until now. Silicone’s ability to be sculpted and to retain that particular look was just asking to be pushed further. To this end, the formation of Narcissus Rising seemed inevitable.

All the garments made by Narcissus Rising are sculpted to order, not moulded like latex. It‘s an entirely hand-made process, which relies on attention to the most minute of detail. Importantly, the silicone is medical grade, the best you can get. It is even safe to use internally (!) so it’s fine to wear against naked skin. We had no idea before meeting Steve, but silicone is actually synthesised from sand, so it is not related to rubber at all. It comes in any colour and it’s very durable.

With each design, Steve seeks to bridge the gap between that very seductive fetish aesthetic and the big budget Hollywood sci-fi/horror movie. Bringing in a further sculptural dimension to this arena, given the materials he works with and his passion to imbue his work with a certain evil elegance, transforming the human form into a canvas that is as erotic as it is hypnotic… that’s the challenge.

Steve revels in the creative process and how each new design finds its own emphasis and voice, be it a high-collared neck corset, a waist clincher or one of the Evil Alien Super Hero masks. What’s not to love…

Photos by Chris Dee & John Compiani

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