Muir Academy celebrates 20 years of the English Vice

By on August 24, 2007

cheeky schoolgirl with catapultTwo decades in the international fetish scene is a long time, as Skin Two magazine appreciates. That’s why Miss Prim’s Muir Academy, based in Hereford, England, is throwing a huge 20th anniversary bash in September that will see adult school-scene enthusiasts from all over the world lining up for lashings of English tradition.

An entire, authentic boarding school will set the scene for around 100 adult boys, girls, “special girls”, teachers, maids and other staff. There will be two full school classes of 30 pupils, professional disco, and a day for speeches, prizes and high tea. Some of the best players in this specialist scene will be celebrating school role play with participants from Japan, Germany, Holland, America, Scandinavia, Ireland and from all over the UK. (The Muir Academy has members in most of the wealthier countries of the world, and has just recruited its first in Botswana!)

The anniversary event will be held 27-30 September in Devon (south-west England), with an optional extra day of activities on Monday 1 October.

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