More Trannie Trouble (their hideous spelling, not mine) Dom Promotions DVD

By on March 24, 2010

Joanna, a slut for all seasons, enters and breathes some life into a fairly unpromising slave’s endowment.

trannietroubleA very detailed rimming scene ensues, “Up AND down” insists Mistress Blonde, directing the lapping tongue between the cheeks of Joanna’s pert bottom. She sounds happy, but does she know Mistress is strapping on the mother of all strap-ons? This is for Michelle the Filipino cocksucking slut we are promised and this attractive girl is kept rather busy.

Scene two features a buxom genetic girl Mistress and and the gorgeous, extremely sexy Angel Bella.

Grannie Trannies? If this lot are the first wave why ever not? Lovely.

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