Molly by Antone Pavlov

By on February 12, 2007

Fetish photographer Antone Pavlov and western geisha Molly collaborate to concoct remarkable dysmorphic sexual fictions.Brighton-UK, based Pavlov describes Molly’s persona as a living sex doll that “allows the acting out of sexual perversion and vice”.
I am never quite sure what will happen next”, he says, “she is full of possibilities and entirely unpredictable, but undoubtedly compelling and the object of my obsession.”

Pavlov is an admirer of 19th and early 20th century erotic photographers mostly anonymous who produced pornographic images for the connoisseur and the collector.

Pavlov’s cites Hans Bellmer and Pierre Molinier as his major influences. “They were both extraordinary artists and human beings. They were also exceptional perverts, both nurturing their respective fetishes they didn’t give a dam about much else.”

Pavlov is currently working on a new series of challenging work featuring Molly and Kumimonster check out their website for updates.

Limited edition fine art prints are available from their website.

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