By on April 2, 2010

This is the plot. The only story I’m interested in, anyway. It might be one of those questions that require a simple, unequivocal answer, like the alarmist headlines that can all be answered with the same two digits. “Was Diana Murdered?” “Will There Be Another Ice Age?” “Do half-human lizards control our destiny?” No, No. No. (Thank You, Amy Winebox) I suspect it may be the same answer in my case. My ex-husband was awarded custody because I am a sex worker who occasionally takes recreational drugs. Or, as judges and the tabloids might have it, ‘Kinky Sex Hooker Mum was drug addict!“ Well. I could clean up. I could give up sex work. You’ll see.

Miss Makeover is an upmarket therapist working with men who would rather be women (as long as their wives don’t find out), behaviour modification specialist, fashionista and scene fetishist.
Suki Greene as told to MarkRamsden.co.uk

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