Miss Makeover: The Other Woman is a Ferrari

By on January 10, 2011

My love has only one flaw. Fast cars. Making a dick  of himself with other plutocrats on a long dangerous road. It’s called the Gumboil rally or something equally silly. They race all day and party all night. It seems to attract posh tarts as well as rich boy racers.
It costs about thirty grand to enter, then you need a Ferrari and a string of five star hotels. They get by on very little sleep despite a great deal of champagne being consumed. It’s also possible some may resort to something stronger than pro-plus to make it to the finishing line. There’s no dope test to worry about. You’re a dope if you entered in the first place.  That’s what he’s doing right now. Risking his neck. Perhaps dipping his wick.
The other woman is a Ferrari.

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