By on October 8, 2010

I have developed into a Liberal Democrat Domme. I suggest what people will like. I have some committed followers grateful for the smack of firm – but ever so reasonable – government. In the best of all worlds the majority would follow my suggestions. Meanwhile the market remains dominated by power-crazed dictators. And some people continue to believe that rudeness and pointless bickering are an integral part of kinky sex.
Only the other week I go to a club to be greeted by a harsh, grating pantomime Domme. It’s Mistress Kangaroo, eager to crush any insolence from the punters before they have the temerity to pay her money. I sometimes think s/m sounds silly in an American accent. But Australian? I don’t think so, dear…Mistress Kangaroo isn’t going to stand for any insolence from anyone with the temerity to pay the price of admission. I somehow find myself unable to open my purse to a rude, graceless, neither talented nor good-looking cunt. So it’s off to one of her many rivals.

A writer friend mails me with a request for a positive quote about erotic spanking. It’s for a mainstream magazine. ‘Nothing about childhood punishments, please!’ She’s eager to take the gloom and doom out of CP which is admirable. If only she’d stop writing pitilessly accurate books about serial killing and male rape, which tend to arrive at my house just as I’m deciding how to commit suicide but that’s another story. I’m not interested in Fred West’s shopping lists any more but plenty of people are. Being a Fluffy Bunny Top I send her a free quote.
“Lying face down while someone gently and gradually heats up a vital erogenous zone is an erotic luxury not be missed, either as an appetiser or as a main course which can last for hours in itself. In moderation Impact Play may be a form of lewd massage or pushed to the limits it can trigger a deep trance with the possibility of an out of body experience. As long as this activity starts with a warm-up novices are likely to become converts. If you are the giver, remember that sensuality and sensitivity to your partner’s needs is just as important as in making love. Impact Play: taking the punishment out of CP.”
Is this too cuddly for the edge players? What of passion and madness? Doomed but very intense couplings where the divorce lasts longer than the actual relationship?
Since you ask, I am all too familiar with long-term relationships and many short encounters involving edge play – dangerous games shading into physical and emotional terrorism. Perhaps there’S a limited number of times you can fry your nerve-ends. Perhaps you have to hit the edge many times to understand that the real bulls-eye is in the centre of the board.

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