Miss Fuzzybunny’s RISC Diary

By on February 12, 2007

RISC Diary Part 1 August 8, 2005

RISC for the uninitiated, is the Rubberist International Summer Camp here in Denmark. Think of something like Kink in the Carribbean without the diva models and upscale surroundings, but with rubberists and real people in the nice Danish countyside and you won’t be far off.

They meet once a year for a whole week, and prices are very reasonable, around US a night, which includes breakfast and dinner,and lodgings, which aren’t the luxurious rooms of a Jamaican resort, mind you, but more than adequate. You bring your own bedding and towels and all your gear, and you can play all over the property, make use of their extensive video library, play in their well equipped rooms, you name it!

The guests were primarily Danish, with a few Swedes and Norwegians thrown in for good measure, and one Englishlady by way of Amsterdam and one very kinky Belgian. Everyone speaks English, and the “universal” language of rubber, lol! (Well, no, not all the guests were even primarily rubberists, we also had a smattering of BD/SM people make the trip.)

These were taken shortly after our arrival, in the heated pool. We’d rushed to get out the door as usual, and I’d procrastinated packing. As a result I left almost every wearable top at home, and had to scramble to find anything at all that was presentable. This top is by Slyx Fashions, and I like it quite a bit out of water, but once it was waterlogged, it just wouldn’t stay up at all! The catsuit later on was a bit easier for swimming, as you’ll see in future diaries.

You can check out their site at risc.dk, and I suggest that you book for next year!

RISC Diary Part 2

Honestly, once I was in the pool, it was almost impossible to get out, it was so nice! So I spent a big chunk of our brief visit either floating or splashing in the pool.

We’d decided to do full coverage shots in the pool when we got up, but as luck would have it, it started raining. You can see some of the raindrops in the photos. It was a strange sensation being rained on while floating on a raft, I have to say.

Credits: Photos: http://www.torbenraun.com Rubberist International Summer Camp Website: http://www.risc.dk

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