Miss Fetish Europe- Saturday 9th November 2013

By on October 4, 2013

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We can only hope that one day Miss Fetish Europe will take a larger stage in a larger venue with the whole world watching.

For the time being, the Dominatrix Event takes place once a year (Since 2010) in a converted country club on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Where else right?! A select few models prance their bondage covered toosh’s around, showcasing the work of fetish wear designers who all attend the event with a proud tear in their eye.

FAT-catwalk-Day3-13tagNEWThe Dutch fetish scene has been craving an event like this. Fetish energy bursting at the seams in the Dutch Lands needed a release and the events surrounding the main award evening do just that. The 8th November sees a meet and greet event where award evening ticket holders are afforded the opportunity to meet the fetish wear models and spend the evening perving up close. It’s great. But it’s not just great because of the perving opportunities; it’s a real life insight into the time, effort and appeal of everything to do with fetish wear and the fetish world. For those already fully aware of this, it’s nice to be at an event that’s not just a wild party. It’s a celebration of how far fetish in the mainstream has come and a promising realisation of how far it still can and most likely will go.

November 9th is all about the catwalk and the awards. First, second and third prizes are awarded, with prizes being an array of vouchers and gear from sponsors and such. The models get their airtime that leads to more bookings. The self advertising for votes to win, gives the models a boost in so many ways. The designers show case a craft that, in a time so forward in so many ways, should really have a bigger stage by now. Even in the outskirts of Amsterdam, it’s important and it’s a stepping stone. Designers FAT-catwalk-Day3-11tagnew3have the opportunity to see their creations in an atmosphere other than shops and computer screens, and they are celebrated as much as the models are.

After the dinner, the party commences and it’s all the glory you’d expect from a fetish themed party with a touch of glamour. The celebrations continue and for most it’s a night that’s never forgotten.

For us, this event is exactly where we hope fetish wear and the fetish scene will go. On a stage with an event title consisting of the word Europe is a great start. When it contains the word ‘World’ our mission might just be complete. You can get information for the event and tickets as well as models and voting on http://www.dominatrix.nl/. It’s a great excuse for a weekend trip to Amsterdam!

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