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sadisLate Afternoon Play Party

Milan based play party which takes place on the first Sunday of each month. Has been rusadisnning regularly since 2005. Full details can be found – in English also – by clicking on the event title at the top of this listing. This from their website ………

“Sadistique is a BDSM party focused on play. An intriguing, wide and well furnished place to turn into reality your wildest erotic fantasies, those for which a house is not enough.
Spectacular bondage, severe punishments, extreme fetishism, bizarre games… this is the right place to live them all.

Sadistique is also about teasing, discovering new things, seduction. A special and classy afternoon to meet other people into extreme erotism, to make new friends and… who knows!

During the rest of the week you can just watch… but Sundays are for playing!!!”

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