Merry Christmas from Masters Desire

By on December 7, 2012

Luxury bondage company Masters Desire celebrates its first Christmas this year and they’re bringing some deluxe naughtiness to you. They are a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for superior quality BDSM gear.

Their debut line was the Classic Collection. Now, combining the luxuriously soft French calf leather with the strength and durability of British leather, this British company continue to push the boundaries, producing masterpieces such as their exquisite harnesses and beautiful suspender belts. The attention to detail and quality is unrivalled in the industry, as even more companies look at mass producing cheaper products or importing hardware and fastenings from China.

Masters Desire sources only the finest hardware and leather, cutting everything by hand and individually selecting the hides for each product to ensure the best colour match. Masters Desire’s product lines continue driving the market forward, with sub-females continuing to choose them over cheaper alternatives, and more sub-males realising the beauty of their products.

It’s their new range, set for release next year however that has got people talking. After enjoying a great first year, the new range, which is rumoured to be entitled simply ‘S2’, has been designed from the ground up, developed for both the male and female markets. After a year in the design and development process, the new ‘S2’ range is set to continue Masters Desire’s excellence into 2013.

It seems that Masters Desire have got their products spot on for their female audience, and with the new ‘S2’ product designs on the way, there is no reason to think they won’t be a major player amongst male submissives also.


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