Medical Mayhem! Doktor Demonic Will See you Now

By on March 12, 2010

Anyone familiar with Mistress Demonic will be delighted to know that she has a special site devoted to her highly skilled medical services: Doktor Demonic. Maybe it’s her twin sister, slender, lovely frame tightly wrapped in a blue rubber Nurse’s outfit. She’s certainly as smart and salty, as bitchy and beautiful as the dark and delicious Mistress Demonic who has legions of besotted admirers, contented admirers and devoted worshippers.

doctor-demonicHer partner Master Keith has one of the most illustrious names in fetishism, he’s been here from the start, all the way back to Der Putsch, all the way back to the original founding of Skin Two.

Mistress Demonic is always a delight to see, with her highly developed fashion sense, you might see her with a chic asymmetrical bob one week and wild but stylish dreads the next, always perfectly made up.

In her own words: “Doktor loves the sense of ultimate control that comes from invading the most personal of spaces, whilst innermost body parts & cavities are being invaded & manipulated by her can be the most ultimate of submission.”

Their studio is the best equipped I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a few…. and situated in North Kent, near the Dartford crossing, five minutes from Ebbsfleet Station.  Big play area, plenty of changing space and chill out space upstairs.offers a cage, St Andrews cross, crucifix, medical area, suspension, spanking benches, Vacuum bed, body bags and hoods, Electro Doktor Demonik went to a Private School where her natural aptitude for science led to her pursuing a career in medicine. You MUST be honest about your medical condition as some of these procedures are extreme. But if you give yourself, body, heart and soul you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

I’ve always had a thing for smart, funny petite ladies, especially those with an outrageous sense of humor (although if you want to be belittled and humiliated by a stone-faced bitch she will do this better than anyone else on the scene.)

For Mistress Demonic who specializes in most forms of known fetishism try where you will find full details of equipment, services and etiquette required.

07812 782294

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Mark Ramsden

March 19, 2010 @ 22:06

She’s the best in the business and a lovely person.

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