Me and My Slaves – Memoirs of a Beast by Shaun O’Driscoll

By on August 12, 2009

Me and My Slaves is a very well documented memoir of the roller-coaster life and times of Shaun O’Driscoll; a professional SM Master, who has now given it all up for a life devoted to Christ. He’s come a terribly long way up and out of the world of vice, bursting with harrowing stories he just had to tell.


Violence has always been an important part of his life, and has thus shaped him. After his father abandoned the family for another one, he was over-run with several manic disorders and compulsions. Severely bullied as a school boy into criminal activity, he overcame it by picking up boxing, only to be raped repeatedly one night after a boxing class. Suicide, necrophilia, gun siege, prostitution, betrayal and the loss of loved ones are just some of the issues you’ll face in this brazen account of life in the rough; and of course, his slaves, and their relationships in and out of the dungeon.


Shaun is not afraid to tell it like it is, and like it was, even accepting to be documented by Channel 4, all in an attempt to help you, and himself, further analyse and understand taboo addictions and why we indulge in them. It’s more than just an intense autobiography intact with authentic photos, correspondence, adverts, police, school and medical reports; it’s a guide to the British world of vice through a pair of the best eyes in the field, and even contains a glossary of SM terms. You won’t read anything more disturbing all year.

Review by Kara Martin

The book Me and My Slaves is available at at £14.99
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