Thirty Seconds with Maleficient Martini

By on March 22, 2010

Mark Ramsden: You’re very talented, multi-talented. Would you define yourself as a scene fetishist? Or more as an artist who uses the imagery?

MALEFICIENT MARTINI: I am an Artist and I use my Imagination in everything I do, and it is a great thing when one can put into a video what I have in my head, or when I can perform on stage and actually find myself in one of my most beautiful dreams or worst nightmares.

Your voice is very striking, very original, what genre best describes your music?
Industrial, Electro, Alternative, Goth…experimental.

The vibe seems quite dark, favourite horror movies, books?
Hmmmmm Favourite horror movies: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Shining, Saw, The Silence of the Lambs, Nightmare on elm street, Chucky, Hellraiser, Suspiria, Ginger Snaps……………..

And books, please:
Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice, Thomas Harris “the SILENCE of the LAMBS”.

I would mention that I wrote a pitch black murder mystery comedy about a couple of serial killers into fetishism (Serpent’s Tail) but that would be pushy…wide critical acclaim on

malificent martini

Tell me anything you think the public needs to know please, needn’t be long because website so good.
Welcome to Maleficent’s kingdom! (OR QUEENDOM IF YOU LIKE) I would like to take all of you on a journey with us far and beyond the realms of mortal life.

We are currently working on our new album and new shows, find out more:
on and


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