Mark Ramsden – Unexpected Kink

By on May 5, 2010

Kink is twice as effective when happening unexpectedly in an everyday context. If I were Martin Amis or Will Self I would have used ‘quotidian’ there, but then they’re two halves of the same arse when it comes to pretentious prose. Which brings me to yesterday’s unexpected treat aboard a train. An attractive Oriental woman in a velvet dress had somehow managed to cover her bottom with crumbs that just weren’t going to shake off. So she stood, delectable derriere within nibbling distance, and proceeded to vigorously spank herself, shaking her booty to facilitate the cleansing process. Missus Lovett, my beautiful pussycat, geezerbirdbrain with an hour glass figure, not only doesn’t mind a healthy appreciation of such events she dug it herself, being bisexual.
Another recent unexpected sighting was in Underbelly, the true life Australian Sopranos, which had a thrilling coda the other when someone managed to kill the last surviving boss, serving life in a supposedly high security prison. A fantasy spanking was set up with the willing recipient stretched out over her bloke’s knee. She closed her eyes, enormous eyelashes kissing each other, the loss of vision intensifying what was to happen next, a mild spank to which she said, “Mark! That hurt!” A later scene suggested she got used to the occasional spank and started to like it. Incidentally, at ten quid from Amazon for the whole first series this is a real find – grittier than the Sopranos and more realistic in that these murdering scum are portrayed as the ratbags they actually are.


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