Mara Hernandez

By on July 3, 2013

Mara Hernandez was born in Madrid, Spain, where she currently resides. Her passion for fantasy and horror films have influenced her photography, and represent a dark and different vision. The light, colour and textures are an important aspect of all her work, ranging from the erotic to horror, fantasy or gothic.



Currently inclined to fashion photography, Mara’s recent work features the Spanish designer Coco Late Latex.



Models: Ynés Lunyta,  Neaya González,  Juanan San Miguel, Maria Montero

Wardrobe: Coco Late Latex

Mask: R- Latex Creation

Headdress: Marbrá

MUA: Loree Morales

Assistant: Alejo el Pendejo

Photos and editing: Mara Hernández

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