Making Latex Clothing with Latex Kitty

By on February 12, 2009

kitty1Ever wanted to start making your own latex clothing? Now you can! The art of making latex clothes, is sometimes regarded as a secret.. Well now it is accessible to everyone, thanks to Latex Kitty and her easy to follow tutorials and  “how to” videos on the basic latex crafting techniques.

Kitty first learned to make latex clothing in 2004, when she worked at a made-to-measure latex clothing manufacturer in Berlin. She has made many different garments; from latex t-shirts, bed covers, catsuits, costumes to corsets, stockings, dresses, skirts – Kitty has done them all!

When asked about what her new blog will focus on, Kitty replied “My readers will learn all they need to know in order to make their own latex clothing. From creating pattern designs to gluing together the final latex item”, she continues “Latex crafting should be taught the best way: from one latex lover to another!”.

The new weblog already has a lot to offer as Kitty has been writing content for it since November 2008.

New latex crafters can begin at the Making Latex Clothing weblog!

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