Madame Caramel: A Day in the Dungeon, R18 Dom Promotions

By on January 11, 2010

Madame-Caramel-A-Day-in-the-Dungeon_0001I do so enjoy watching high class sensual, Dominatrices with pretty feminine ways. Those who are nonetheless extremely powerful women who are not to be messed with. Madame Caramel’s face is beautiful, with flawless make up, her full firm breasts make a deep, cavernous cleavage, in a black bra underneath a crisp clean white shirt. On her head a chic little hat and veil. Her delightful derriere, underneath an elegant skirt, is full and scrumptious.

We open on Madam with her slaves in her boudoir.

African slave Joe, a handsome man in good condition, is a great relief from some of the roly-poly Michelin Men one is occasionally subjected to. His genitals are soon covered in orange clothes pegs, not a bad original art ‘installation’ actually. In fact much better than most of the nonsense at Tate Modern.

Slave Maggot is a maid and bottom boy, his place under her bottom. Where we’d all like to be. I was less than thrilled when he took the mask off, but then we can’t all be Richard Gere or Johnny Depp. Even so. Do us all a favour, mate, keep the mask on. I’ve already had a hard life. I can’t take any more suffering. Despite being as ugly as a ‘modern art masterpiece!” Maggot gets a thorough workout in this DVD, as would any slaves reporting to her dungeons.


Her sweet sing-song voice, with its pleasant hint of a Portugese accent, and her high infectious giggle are a totally charming. Some prefer granite-faced harridans and ignorant screeching. More fool them. Madam Caramel has her slaves totally under control with just a few words or the flick of the tip of her crop on their genitals. I would be happy just hearing her slow, sexy delivery of the word ‘bottom’. Bot-tom. “My beautiful black bot-tom”.

Even when she’s being bitchier, and this women is also capable of the hardest, most extreme fem-dom, it’s still a pleasure to listen to her. I tired of ignorant, aggressive yobettes in about 1992, when I came on the scene but, sigh, there’s no shortage of them right now. With a side order of ballkicking. And still the worms slaver for more.


Now the worthless Maggot has Madame sat on his face. Not fair! He doesn’t deserve it. “My big, round, nice, black BOT-TOM! Is that nice, maggot?” I should say so…Luckily we are spared what Maggot thinks, although we may infer that he thinks all of his Christmasses have come at once.

‘Forced bi’ follows. Maggot does his best fellating Joe but he’s definitely not happy. All this comes with light classical music which switches to tasteful Jamaican jazz with a reggae flavour. The filming is pin sharp throughout and the camera is right in the middle of the action. Twelve different scenes, strap on fucking, hard CP, CBT, all red hot, and as a bonus, loads of trailers. Good value for money from Dom Promotions who make Fem-Dom DVDs, with a regular supply of new titles.

By Mark Ramsden

Madame Caramel

Dom Promotions (FCC) Ltd, Unit A, Britannia Centre For Enterprise, Pengam Road, Blackwood, NP12 3SP. Tel: 01443 875142


Madame Caramel

January 29, 2010 @ 23:55

Thank you alessandro…..Muito obrigado MC xxxx


January 13, 2010 @ 13:20

I love this dominatrix!

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