Lustre – Photo DVD and Book from fetish photographer Gérard Musy

By on December 5, 2007

Gérard Musy, award winning Paris fashion and fetish photographer, has a new collectors’ edition DVD and photo book, Lustre, available from art publisher LLeditions.

This is strictly limited edition of only 1,000 copies, for the connoisseur of fetish imagery. Lustre is a soft-cover, hand sewn 60-page book, 15.5 cms square, with 21 black and white photographs printed in tritone, Each book includes an original print 14 x 14 cms, signed by the photographer.

With the book comes a DVD with a complex slideshow of 150 photographs, with an original music score. A moulded sensual black latex slip case accompanies this specific body of art. William A. Ewing’s English text takes the letters of the title Lustre and develops the different ways of understanding and interpreting the art work through the inclusion of various carefully chosen literary quotations.

The DVD will work on regular DVD players, or in HD on Mac or PC computers.

Musy combines art and fetishism, having worked for a select group of art and fashion magazines, from Vogue to Skin Two. He received his M.A. in History of Arts at the University of Geneva. He has been photographing nightlife, including the fetish scene, for more than twenty years and has received several awards including two Swiss Federal Grants.

His work has been exhibited in international museums and galleries including the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne and the Staley+Wise Gallery in New York. Musy’s fashion images appeared in numerous international magazines including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Details, Glamour, Vogue Hommes, Joyce, Jalouse, Skin Two, Pure, Yummy, Sportswear International, J&J, Edelweiss, Massiv, Exit. He has done commercial work for Emporio Armani, Paco Rabanne, Romeo Gigli, Patrick Cox, John Richmond and other major fashion labels.

William A Ewing, Director of the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne…
“Lustre evokes glossy surfaces, glitter and sheen. For Gérard Musy, the language of photography offers its own potential for glittering turns of phrase. The sparkle emanates from leather and latex, chains and whips – and is captured and sealed in the silver of his photographic prints”

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