Lukas Zpira – Tokyo Love Doll

By on March 31, 2010

Among the most creative of photographers today is the prolific Lukas Zpira. Currently working in Berlin, where he has a new gallery, Lukas’s recent work includes this series of images of the burlesque dancer Eden.

Lukas’s new book Tokyo Love Doll is something special for your collection. You MUST play this great Tokyo Love Doll slideshow and buy the new book at

Lukas Zpira began his artistic work at the age of 26. His early works contained paintings, sculptures, installations, writings, and photograph. Unsatisfied by the limits of his media, he turned to body art. Today he is known not only as a photographer but also as a body artist and modifier, nomadic performer and documenter of the contemporary fringes. The Body Hacktivism Manifesto that he wrote in 2004 presents the philosophical ideas behind his work and helped to vocalise the phenomena in the rising scene. His works have been published in four books (as well as on the cover of Skin Two issue 56!) Look for Zpira’s upcoming book on bondage with legendary model Satomi

Bad to the bone
One grows weak by justifying and explaining… trying so hard to show an image, perhaps we don’t show the right one. Aren’t we facing the media like rapturous dogs about a stinky bone?
Lukas Zpira

Find Lukas Zpira at

Body hacktivisim online manifesto at
La Spirale digital mutants at

Abnormals Gallery
A window between and the real world
Linienstr. 154, 10115 Berlin
Open Tuesday – Thursday 2- 6pm, 1st & 2nd Saturday 1-6pm
Tel. +49 30 279 088 19

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