Loving Dominant by John and Libby Warren

By on February 28, 2011

John and Libby are a couple that knows just how colourful the BDSM scene is, with its wide range of things to choose from depending on you and your partner’s tastes, cleverly likening it to a very liberal Chinese Restaurant. “You can take as many, or as few, items as you want from Column A, B, and so on.”

Because it seems that, over the years, media and society have managed to confuse BDSM with cruelty and undesired maltreatment, John and Libby seek to re-teach the population with this sexual self-help tour de force. I

t is the perfect beginner’s guide and manual to the how-to’s of forming and establishing a loving, safe and consensual DS relationship, with the detailed down-lows on everything from basic bondage ties, finding toys in the vanilla world, performing successful fantasy scenes, to how to win over your other vanilla half, filming your kinky escapades, establishing contracts of submission, and precautions and first aid for your play.

Its emphasis isn’t only on getting started in the physical sense, but also touches on the psychological aspects of your play and ‘the scene’; an aspect often ignored in other books, but which is probably the most important. They take it very seriously, and sometimes treat BDSM much like a course on the curriculum, going as far as to include workbook-like sections with diagrammed kinky D.I.Y. projects to try, not to mention a wealth of suggested reading and resources specific to each topic as you go along. It’s ceaselessly knowledgeable and no doubt retains its status, through each new and updated edition, as the curious and responsible couple’s bedside companion.

The Loving Dominant
(third edition)
by John and Libby Warren
Published by Greenery Press www.greenerypress.com

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