Love Me Like You Hate Me by Venus O’Hara and Erika Lust

By on October 11, 2010

We’ve seen a few books about kinky sex here at Skin Two. There are geeky and well-intentioned ones that are worthy but not terribly appealing. There are weighty tomes by learned academics with no feel for the subject at all. There are glossy pot-boilers from big publishing houses based on the ‘sex sells’ school of marketing. There are very few that we would recommend to a friend. Love Me Like You Hate Me is one of the few…

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This is a beautifully produced hardback book, all about enjoying luxuriant kinky sex. Written by two feminist women with style, humour and intelligence, the book walks you entertainingly through how to use a blindfold for fun, bondage, BDSM toys, dressing up, dungeons, role play, domination, submission, punishment, you name it.

It’s a reference book too, with lots of information about films, books, clubs, websites, and suppliers of clothing and equipment. Imagine a favourite cookbook – you can use it to actually do the thing and cook a meal, of course – but it’s great to curl up with a glass of wine and just read it for the sheer pleasure of it. Well, Love Me Like You Hate Me is like that – a delight to browse.

Speaking of pleasure, the photos are especially good (it’s worth the price of the book just for the pictures) although most have no captions or credits, so you don’t know what you’re looking at – an annoyance to correct in future editions.

Love Me Like You Hate Me is a perfect gift for someone you love. Even if you know a fair bit about about fetish sex already, it will be a pleasure to own.

Venus O’Hara is a model, actress and writer, fluent in three languages, who has lived in London, Paris and Barcelona.

Erika Lust is the award-winning Swedish film maker and author who heads Lust Films in Barcelona.

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Love Me Like You Hate Me is 192 pages, large format (195 x 245 mm), on 150 gsm matt art paper, with foam padded (!) hard cover and even a free pair of silk handcuffs. This is our top tip for a super Christmas gift.

£25, $29.95, Euro 27.95 ISBN: 978-94-90822-06-4

Buy Love Me Like You Hate Me from:

Tectum Publishers
Here’s a short film clip, directed by Erika Lust
Lust Films is at
Venus O’Hara is at

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