London Fetish Girls

By on June 29, 2010

morigan hel

Directed by Elizabeth Bennet, produced by Skin Two’s Tim Woodward, featuring the cream of London’s fetish girls on the loose…

We’ve all seen hardcore porn with a fetish twist. The films of Tanya Hyde come to mind – artistic shagging in rubber. Nothing wrong with that, but our fetish scene is not really about hardcore porno shag films. Pervs tend to prefer stylish, arty film-makers like Maria Beatty, Deborah Jaffe or Cleo Uebelmann. It’s style that gets us going.


Take Skin Two, for example. We like to think it’s far away from porno mags. Some of our staff, when spotting it displayed with the porn mags in a store, have been known to move it over to the fashion and style section.

When Skin Two’s publisher, Tim Woodward, decided to make a film, it was a Director in the mould of Beatty and Jaffe that he was looking for. Elizabeth Bennet’s first fetish film is the result. You don’t see any penetrative sex. There’s no dialogue, no wooden “acting”, no half-witted “script” written on the back of an envelope by a couple of blokes. As you’ll see from the stills on these pages, the emphasis on on the look and lighting is the key. Bennet paints with erotic, sensual lighting.


So, is it horny, then? Oh yes. As we know, fetishism and SM is so much hornier than a quick bonk. London Fetish Girls is based on reality, not a corny made-up story. The title was not chosen just because it sounded good – the film features real London fetish girls Morrigan Hel, Valeria Dragova, Lydia Morgan, Strapon Jane, Saffy, Rita Rush, Carla Hamilton, Jamie Brooks, Red and a very welcome fetish star from Los Angeles, Emily Marilyn.

The dungeon and medical room where the girls get to play are not stage sets – they are real. (Located just off Baker Street, in London’s West End.) The loft playspaces – high above Docklands with the lights of Canary Wharf in the background – are real too, the scene of many a BDSM adventure.

Watching Carla Hamilton dominate an excited Emily Marilyn or Strapon Jane deliciously tormenting her very close friend Saffy, you know you’re privileged to enjoy a close-up view of what really goes on when beautiful scene insiders play in private. And no, there are no men getting in the way!

skin-two-london-fetish-girls-coverEdited by Nic Howard, with original music composed by Mark Fielding, Elizabeth Bennet’s London Fetish Girls is something you won’t have seen before. Real BDSM/fetish action, featuring ten beautiful experts, lovingly filmed, in four fabulous settings. It’s the real thing. Just pour yourself a glass of wine, turn the phone off, sit back and enjoy.

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