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By on June 4, 2012

London’s famous latex specialists, Libidex, have for years specialised in selling directly to private customers and through their own stylish shop, Liberation. The big news is that they are now selling through retail stores worldwide, with a growing list of stockists in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

In a new move for a fetish latex company, Libidex has now set up a mini-store within the flagship Harmony adult shop on London’s Oxford St. Libidex has its own branded section within Harmony, where it’s selling a selection of some of its popular lines at reasonable prices.

“I think it’s a very long time – maybe the first time – since any fetish shop has been on Oxford St, and so far our garments have been selling very well there”, says Libidex director Simon Rose. “We’ve still got our own store, Liberation, in Covent Garden, but we don’t see the two competing directly, as they have very different sorts of customer. The range we’ve selected for Harmony is also available at the same prices at Liberation.”

LibidexAnother new area for Libidex is down under. Two leading stores in Australia – MaxxxBlack in Sydney and Eagle Leather in Melbourne – are now stocking Libidex latex and it’s being snapped up by fetish-conscious Ozzies.

But of course there are still major markets in Europe and the USA, and Libidex has now returned to the shelves at Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg, Fetish Universe near Munich, Absolute Danny in Amsterdam, and Sin and Virtue in Gothenburg. In America, you’ll find a good stock of Libidex garments at Body Aware in Arizona.

According to Simon, this is just the start, and Libidex is talking to many other shops in the UK and Europe, and the USA. There is also a number of websites offering Libidex garments in various countries from the Netherlands to Italy – though Simon is at pains to point out that NO websites based in China offer genuine Libidex garments. “Unfortunately these are pretty much all copies of our and other companies’ designs, so I would warn anyone to steer clear of them.” Libidex is always happy to verify if a stockist is genuine – just drop Nigel at Libidex an email (Nigel @

“We are always looking for ways to expand our business, and I’m passionate about bringing latex to a wider audience”, Simon adds. “By working together with retail shops and websites, as well as selling through our own website and our off-the-peg LatexEXPRESS range, we can make latex clothing more attractive to people who perhaps are put off by the perceived ‘exclusivity’ of latex. It can still be special – it always will be – but it doesn’t have to be too precious. It’s there to be enjoyed!”

Julian Clary Gets Rubbered Up at Libidex

Entertainer Julian Clary – the man who gave new meaning to fiscal discipline after an alleged brief encounter with former Chancellor Norman Lamont – had been looking for a new look for his forthcoming tour of the UK “Position Vacant” – and he found it at Libidex. The iconically camp comedian opted for rubber as the optimal get-up (“Live And Wearing Rubber – At His Age!” says the publicity) – and evidently Libidex’s new male range had caught his eye. A few visits to the Libidex workshop later and he was fully kitted out in a complete Astaire Tail Suit with matching shirt – it’s bound to go down a storm with his fans!

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